Jho Low Escapes To The West Indies, Still Wanted By Singapore & Malaysia

Jho Low Evades Authorities While Najib Razak Faces Criminal Charges

Have you seen this man?


Most Singaporeans may not be able to recognise Jho Low, but he’s currently a fugitive from Singapore.

Based in Macau, billionaire businessman Low Taek Jho – aka Jho Low – has been on the run, ever since Najib Razak was embroiled in the unfurling 1MDB investigation.

To get you up to speed, Jho Low and Najib Razak are linked via Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz — who happens to be Jho Low’s BFF.

Malaysian authorities are now guessing that he has fled Macau, and is heading to the West Indies to stay low, according to police reports released on Thursday (12 Jul).

Who’s Jho Low?

Jho also knows Gigi Hadid

Jho Low gained infamy for romancing global supermodel Miranda Kerr with US$8 million worth of diamonds including:

  • 11.72 carat initial-engraved heart-shaped diamond (US$1.29 million)
  • 8.88 carat diamond pendant (US$3.8 million)
  • 11-carat diamond earrings, necklace & ring set (US$1.98 million)

Where did he get the money to live such a lavish lifestyle? 1MDB of course, or so the American authorities suspect.

He has also famously tried to bargain with Mahathir for full immunity from the 1MDB investigation, in exchange for helping authorities to sniff out the money trail.

Proud citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis


Saint Kitts and Nevis is an idyllic island nation, not a shop that sells kitties.

Jho Low happens to be a citizen of this country in the West Indies, as he owns several properties there.

Located between Barbados and Puerto Rico, it’s the ideal holiday beach house spot for billionaires around the world.

Their passport is pretty powerful as well, as citizens can enjoy visa-free travel to 140 countries, like Canada and the United Kingdom.

S$545,000 for citizenship?

Got US$5.3 mil to spare? This beach mansion could be yours.

Buying a house worth at least US$400,000 (S$545,000) reportedly gives you free citizenship to the paradisaical islands.

Easily worth 10 x St. Kitts and Nevis citizenships

And some have claimed that’s exactly how Jho Low gained his citizenship.

Let’s just say he was in the market for a new passport anyway, since his Malaysian passport was cancelled on 15 June.

Some say Hong Kong, some say China

Mr Low has been flitting around the globe — from chilling in Hong Kong to allegedly hanging out in China.

China officials have clarified, however, that he’s “definitely not in mainland China“, and that claims which suggest so are “irresponsible”.

Unlucky for him, an Interpol Red Notice has been issued to ensure his extradition if he is spotted by authorities of 192 member nations.

If he’s caught, Jho Low will be placed under arrest and extradited to Malaysia – or Singapore – to assist in 1MDB investigations.

HK rejected SG’s request to extradite him 2 years ago

As for Singapore’s attempt to make contact with Jho Low, a formal request to extradite him from Hong Kong back in Apr 2016 was unfortunately rejected.

Macau police also added that Mr Low had already left the island, in an email dated 9 Jul to Malaysian authorities.

Where in the world is Jho Low now?

One thing’s for sure, Jho Low doesn’t intend to be caught anytime soon.


In the meantime, we surmise that he’s getting comfortable and biding his time, wherever he is in the world.

A lucky state of affairs for him, given that his BFF’s uncle faces criminal charges, and possible “draconian” persecution, while Auntie Rosmah gets sued over RM60 million worth of  jewellery.

Featured image from Seasonic Europe, Jho Low on Facebook, MalayMail.

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