Singaporean Comedian Jinx Yeo Gets 10 Million Views In Viral Stand-Up Video

If there’s one thing that Singaporeans have in common, it’s that we all love a good laugh.

And local comedian – Jinx Yeo – is nothing short of hilarious.


But don’t let his appearance fool you. His performances have clever punchlines, self-deprecating humour and witty one-liners that pack a punch.

Currently, he has acquired 10 million views on Facebook for “roasting the British” in a stand-up routine.

Here’s a highlight reel of his finest jokes. We think he deserves a lot more love and recognition from Singaporeans.

“Asian nerd” roasts the British

At the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Yeo shared a joke with Australians who share our history of British colonisation. While he has no grudge against the British, he couldn’t help but make a razor, sharp analogy.


Why the colon you might ask?



Even if British colonisation is history, Yeo was bound to catch the ire of butthurt Brits who couldn’t take a joke.

He had only one thing to left to say to them.


Here’s his epic performance in full.

Why you shouldn’t skip the sex talk?

Another side-splitting story from Yeo happens to be something that happened to him when he was 15 years old. His friend gave him a condom as a prank, but he “put the condoms aside” as his biological clock functioned a little differently.


The fun didn’t stop there. 15-year-old Yeo and his friend Mike, decided to learn karate. His mother feared for his safety, but he didn’t let that stop him.


One day his mother found the condoms. And like any Asian parent, she was very, very alarmed.


Unfortunately, Yeo thought that his mum was talking about his karate equipment.


Fifteen is too young to be doing the deed, and his mother thought so too.

Still thinking that they were talking about karate, Yeo responded in a matter-of-fact way.


Not surprisingly, his mom had a minor freak out and asked, “Who is your partner?”

If you thought he’d answer “Mike”, then think again.


After his cheeky response, his mother was in a real state of panic.

She stared at her ‘promiscuous’ son and asked, “How many girls have you done this with?”


His response will make your sides hurt from laughing.


Catch his entire performance in this video.

Why you shouldn’t date a pilot?

Ever dreamed of dating a pilot and joining the mile-high club? Yeo’s wild imagination has led him to advise women against it.

Apparently, Yeo believes that when a pilot is having sex with a woman, he’s likely to interrupt halfway to make an announcement.


Yeo is far from shy and had no qualms about doing a demonstration which involved thrusting his hips onstage.

But what happens when they’re about to reach the climax?


Watch his full performance here.

Jinx Yeo is a national treasure

When Jinx Yeo isn’t geeking out for Marvel, he’s performing shows in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, and New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

For more laughs and a daily dose of humor follow his Facebook page here.

You can also catch his upcoming comedy shows in Singapore this December.

He’ll be performing at the “Jinx Yeo’s solo show” event at the Merry Lion Club on 15 Dec. If you can’t make it, you can catch him at his “Comedy Kampong – Jinx Yeo” event at Harry’s Boat Quay.

Excited to meet him in person? Book your tickets now on his website.

Keep up the great work Jinx!

Featured image from Facebook.