M’sia Has Capacity To Export Chicken Again, Oversupply Caused Prices To Drop: Minister

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M’sia Has Capacity To Export Chicken Again As Supply Situation Has Stabilised, Says Minister

On 1 Jun, our closest neighbour Malaysia stopped exporting chickens, causing mild panic among Singaporeans.

Since then, we’ve nimbly found other sources of chicken to ensure our food supply is stable.

Now that Singapore has moved on, our original source might just become available again.

A Malaysian minister has said that the country has the capacity to export chicken once more.

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In fact, there’s now an oversupply across the border that has caused prices to drop.

M’sia chicken supply situation has stabilised: Minister

On Monday (1 Aug), Malaysian Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Ronald Kiandee told the country’s Parliament that the chicken supply situation has stabilised.

He attributed this to measures taken by the Government, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Source: Dr Ronald Kiandee on Facebook

These steps include increasing the imports of chicken and stopping exports, he said.

M’sia has slight oversupply of chicken

In fact, the measures were apparently so successful that Malaysia currently has a “slight oversupply” of chicken, Dr Kiandee was quoted by Reuters as saying.

He estimated that the country was able to produce 106% of its chicken needs.

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The oversupply has caused chicken prices to drop, such that they are now below the ceiling price set by the Malaysian government.

M’sia can export chicken overseas

The minister then came to the most pivotal part of his speech.

He concluded that Malaysia now has the capacity to export chicken to other countries.

While he didn’t give an exact date as to when that will happen, he said the government is monitoring local chicken supply, Reuters reported.

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Malaysia will then resume exports if they have the extra capacity to do so.

Singapore has found other sources

In the meantime, Singapore has been importing fresh and frozen chicken from countries like Thailand, Australia and the United States (US).

We’ve also approved Indonesia as another chicken source, and started imports in July.

These developments have prompted Malaysian chicken breeders to urge their government to lift the export ban.

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Some fear that they may lose the Singapore market as resuming exports will be difficult once we commit to other arrangements.

Too late to reconnect?

The announcement that Malaysia has the capacity to export chickens would’ve come as some comfort to exporters and businesses in Singapore.

However, after two months in the cold, Malaysian suppliers may have missed the boat when it comes to reconnecting with purchasers.

Just like a spurned lover, we can’t be blamed for moving on to parties who won’t suddenly ghost us.

We’ll just have to see if the relationship can be salvaged when exports finally can resume.

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