Paddlepop Cloud Halos In Tampines Are Nature’s Way Of Saying It’s Gonna Be Alright

Paddlepop Cloud Streaks Spotted In Tampines On 25 May

Eagle-eyed citizens in Tampines were in for a real treat on Monday (25 May), after a rare weather phenomenon resulted in a spectacular sight for cloud-gazers.


Pastel clouds that streaked across clusters of darker storm clouds in Eastern Singapore at around 6pm were captured in beautiful Facebook albums by Ms Nori Ishmael & Ms Angelin Koh.


Here’s a play-by-play of how these iridescent clouds gave a touch of celestial magic to dreary dusk skies for those who missed it yesterday.

Hidden pastel cloud streaks before sunset

The rare phenomenon was spotted by Ms Nori right before the start of sunset, at around 6pm on Monday (25 May).


Ms Koh had also been gazing out of her window regularly from 5pm onwards to catch a glimpse of a rainbow — this time she spotted something even more amazing.


In a blink-or-miss-it moment, she saw a pastel halo surrounding darker clusters of clouds hovering above the HDB flats at Tampines Street 32.


Urging her fellow netizens to join her in appreciating the rare weather phenomenon, Ms Nori posted her photos in Nature Society (Singapore).


Water droplets in clouds reflect light like soap bubbles

You may be wondering what causes these clouds to glow with an ethereal ‘halo’ of sorts.


The “colorful optical” illusion is known as “cloud iridescence”.


Iridescent clouds occur when water droplets within them reflect light, similar to how soap bubbles & oil puddles create a pastel or ‘mother-of-pearl‘ appearance.

Celestial skies herald new beginnings

As we enter our final week of the Circuit Breaker, it’s wonderful to take time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation, as well as the long road ahead to recovery.


We remain thankful for the sacrifices of our frontline workers and fellow citizens for tiding us through this difficult period.

These beautiful skies could be nature’s way of telling us that everything’s going to be alright as we look forward to the future & the wonders that each new day brings.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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