S’pore-Based Company Seeks Personal Assistant To CEO, Job Includes Planning Meals, Sleep & Exercises

Singapore-Based Company Looking For Personal Assistant Who Can Plan CEO’s Meals, Sleep & Exercise

In the search for the right job, one may encounter pretty interesting listings, which stand out in a sea of humdrum postings.

However, some of them end up being entertaining for the wrong reasons, like this one by a Singapore-based company seeking a personal assistant (PA) to their Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Source: LinkedIn

Among the many duties of the personal assistant are arranging three meals a day, ensuring the CEO sleeps by a certain time, and doing laundry fortnightly.

The seemingly endless list of responsibilities saw the post circulating widely online and generating much debate.

Personal assistant has to take care of CEO’s basic needs

The listing, posted a week ago, details the usual tasks a PA has to perform, such as admin work and managing appointment and meeting calendars.

But the description goes on to state that the PA has to take care of most, if not all of the CEO’s basic needs.

Source: LinkedIn

And when we say basic, we mean down to the CEO’s three meals a day, which have to adhere to specific dietary requirements, including the daily consumption of fruits and nuts.

The PA also has to plan for the CEO’s daily exercise and regular intake of vitamins and supplements.

Being at the CEO’s beck and call in their waking hours apparently isn’t enough — the PA must additionally ensure that the CEO “sleeps before a certain time”.

But before that, they have to check that the CEO has completed necessary tasks in a day, which include meditation.

Laundry is on the list as well, which the PA must do once every two weeks.

All this is on top of more standard, but no less demanding daily tasks that the PA has to take on, including keeping the CEO on top of their busy work schedule.

Source: LinkedIn

In fact, it is stated explicitly in the posting that the PA has to ‘properly’ remind the CEO up to three times of their meetings, which is supposedly in line with the company’s SOP.

Personal assistant should ideally have no family

Just when you’d think that the list is long enough, there’s more. The PA will have to fulfil additional requirements like travelling with the CEO “all of the time”.

Source: LinkedIn

The idea of visiting “one new country or city each month” sounds exciting, except that you’d need to have “no permanent place of residence”.

The PA must also “have no family or personal commitments” to adapt to the “nomad-like” lifestyle.

Netizens think CEO requires a nanny

The job posting quickly went viral on Twitter thanks to user @sharifahyasmiin, the founder of Malaysian employability initiative One Step Closer.

personal assistant CEO

Source: Twitter

Sharing a screenshot of the job posting, she asked if it was an ad for a PA or a nanny.

personal assistant CEO

Source: Twitter

Others echoed her sentiment, even asking how the PA would go about helping the CEO keep a regular bedtime.

They even asked sarcastically if the PA has to put the CEO into a cradle and rock them to sleep.

Source: Twitter

They also found the need for a candidate without family or personal commitments to be scary.

Jobs should not come at the expense of employees’ welfare

The job posting is sure to spark plenty of discussion over work-life balance and the necessity of boundaries.

While sacrifices are essential on the path to career development, it is equally important to keep one’s wellbeing in check.

At the very least, we hope that whoever gets the job will receive proper compensation for their time and effort.

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Featured image adapted from LinkedIn and Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.

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