PM Lee Will Go On Leave From 7-11 Jun, Says He’ll Mostly Stay At Home & Try Home Delivery Meals

As most Singaporeans can’t travel due to the pandemic, we may end up having a lot of leave to clear but nowhere to go.

Thus, many of us are now taking leave just to lepak at home, catching up on our hobbies.

It’s comforting to know that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is no different – he’s spending his leave till 11 Jun mostly at home.


However, we do know that he also enjoys a jalan jalan outdoors, and he’s looking forward to doing that after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) ends.

PM taking a short break

PM Lee revealed his plans for the coming week in a Facebook post on Sunday (6 Jun).

He said that he will be taking a short break till Friday (11 Jun).


He also attached 1 of his typically well-taken photos of nature, which was snapped in 2020 at Thomson Nature Park.

If you look closely, the face of a monkey can be seen behind the foliage.


He’ll just chill out at home

The previous times he was on leave, Mr Lee went on holiday overseas, but that’s kind of difficult now.

More recently, between Christmas 2020 and the New Year, he spent his leave going jalan jalan in Singapore’s nature parks and taking beautiful photos.


This time round, though, he’s just going to chill out at home.

Reading, photo apps & food delivery

The PM said he plans to catch up on some reading. Also, he’ll keep up with his love for photography by experimenting with photo apps.

For food, he’ll do what many Singaporeans already do – try out the new eating lifestyle of home delivery meals.

After all, F&B businesses affected by the current no dine-in measures do need our support.

Restrictions easing on 13 Jun?

Mr Lee also echoed the sentiments of many Singaporeans when he said he’s looking forward to going out again, “when restrictions ease”.

Obviously, he’s referring to the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures, which among other things don’t allow public gatherings of more than 2 people.

Could be this be the clearest sign yet that we’ll be relaxing the restrictions on 13 Jun? After all, that coincides nicely with the end of his leave.

If our PM is on leave next week, that also means he’s probably not planning to give any addresses to the nation either.

new normal Source

In his most recent speech on 31 May, he said Singapore’s “on track” to bringing the latest outbreak under control.

He also said we’ll be able to ease restrictions after 13 Jun if community cases fall further. So far, that’s been happening, with just 6 reported on Sunday (6 Jun).

All in all, things are looking promising indeed.

A well-deserved break for our PM

We’re glad our prime minister can have a well-deserved break, considering how busy he must usually be.

By staying at home, he’ll show us that it’s possible to stay occupied and engaged even at home.

Hopefully that’ll encourage more Singaporeans to stay home too if we can, for the last week of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

We wish Mr Lee a good rest during his leave, and that he and our fellow Singaporeans can look forward to a better Covid-19 situation after the week is over.

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