Endeavour Primary School Students Give Hand-Drawn Letter To Thank SAF For Packing Masks

The threat of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus looms over everyone, and people’s spirits are low.

Even with a possible cure and a vaccine on the way, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Many are preparing for the worst, but these primary school students have reminded us to appreciate the effort being put in to keep us safe.

They wanted to thank Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for packing 5.2 million masks for Singapore households, and wrote them a letter of appreciation.

The Singapore Army took to a Facebook post to express their appreciation.

Check it out below.

Students wanted to thank SAF for packing masks

The students from Endeavour Primary School wrote a thank you letter to express gratitude to SAF for keeping Singapore safe. They decorated it with rainbow colours, brightening up the paper and the soldiers’ moods.

Take a look at their artwork below.


You can tell just how much effort was put into creating the note — the handwriting is superb for primary school kids.

They embellished it with heart-shaped stickers too, highlighting the love and care they put into making it.

A student’s father delivered the note

One of the students of Endeavour Primary School, Natalie Chew, has a father who’s a soldier.

He was tasked by his daughter to deliver the thank you notes to those who helped pack the masks.

Just imagine his colleagues’ delight when he showed them the letter of appreciation.

The students’ thoughtfulness touched SAF

This sweet gesture from Endeavour Primary School deeply touched those at SAF, who rarely get thank you notes like this one.

They said in a Facebook post,

Thank you Natalie Chew and Endeavour Primary School, protecting Singapore is our duty and your support means the world to us!

The students’ thank you note definitely made the soldiers and staff of SAF feel appreciated, lifting their spirits in this tumultuous period.

Being grateful for what we have

In typical Singaporean fashion, many of us complain when things don’t go smoothly.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important when you’re worrying about your safety all the time.

Nevertheless, we should try to be more appreciative of our circumstances. We’re lucky to have enough medical resources and quarantine centres to deal with the cases we have here, unlike in China.

Let’s take these students as an example of how to be more optimistic during a difficult time like now.

Until things start to look up, let’s continue to support each other and be grateful that things aren’t worse than they are now.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and TODAY Online.