Lady Waits For Her Husband At Sentosa Entrance In The Rain, Staff Rushes Over To Offer Shelter

Sentosa Staff Comes To Lady’s Rescue With An Umbrella

No one likes getting caught in the rain without an umbrella.

Besides the possibility of catching a cold, the notion of wet socks and damped hair is enough to ruin one’s day.

For one woman, this nightmare came true while waiting for her husband to run an errand at Sentosa.


Thankfully, a kind stranger came to her rescue.

Lady was waiting for husband at Sentosa entrance

On Friday (5 Feb) Ms Katherbil shared in Facebook group Good For You Singapore about her encounter with a knight – or rather dame – in shining armour.


In the post, she explained that she was waiting for her husband at Sentosa’s entrance on 28 Jan.

Due to the restriction that apparently allows only 1 person per motorbike through its gates, she unfortunately had to alight by the roadside.

Sudden downpour while waiting

Out of sheer bad luck, Mother Nature took it upon herself to shed tears, as rain fell mercilessly.


Without an umbrella, Ms Katherbil had no choice but to seek shelter under a tree, which offered little relief. She inevitably got drenched.

Sentosa staff comes to her rescue

According to the post, a Sentosa staff named Ros spotted Ms Katherbil.

Ros, without hesitation, had grabbed an umbrella in an effort to shelter her from the downpour.

Even though this was definitely not within her job’s requirements, we can say with certitude that Ros had served her community well.

She even struck up a conversation with Ms Katherbil while waiting for the latter’s husband to return.

Lady hopes this social media post will reach her heroine

Hoping that her compliments will reach Ros, Ms Katherbil has been sharing her experience in various kindness groups on Facebook.

We certainly hope Ros knows, and has spotted Ms Katherbil’s posts.

Thank you, Ros, for making this world a brighter place with your presence.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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