8 Adorable Shiba Inus Up For Adoption, Smiley Doggos Are Only Allowed In Non-HDB Homes

8 Adorable Shiba Inus Up For Adoption In Singapore

Shiba Inus are popular because of their unbelievably cute looks and playful nature. If you’ve always wanted to have this fur kid by your side, then this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

On Friday (9 Apr), Voices for Animals (VFA) shared that they have 8 Shiba Inu dogs up for adoption.


Interested adopters are advised to read the questionnaire put up by the animal welfare group.

Adorable Shiba Inus up for adoption

According to the post, VFA has 8 Shiba Inu dogs which are estimated to be 6 years old and above.

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Despite their age, they seem to still crave affection and love chin rubs.

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Their signature huge grins can melt any heart. Lucky adopters may find themselves spoiling these fur kids to see their doggie smiles as often as possible.

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While dogs of the Shiba Inu breed are often perceived to have brown fur, a unique one among the pack has black and white fur.

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Whichever dog you end up with, we bet you’ll have a blast cuddling and bonding with them after tiring WFH sessions.

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Remember to take care of their other needs too, such as food, exercise, and health checkups whenever the need arises.

Before you start drawing up plans for your future fur kids, note that these Shiba Inus are not HDB-approved.

Applicants should read the questionnaire

Even if potential applicants don’t live in an HDB, adopting a dog is a huge commitment.

To find the best homes for their doggos, VFA wants interested adopters to give an introduction about their family background. In addition, they hope that they answer the extensive 30-question survey stated in their post.

Successful applicants will be informed through email and get an opportunity to meet the Shiba Inus. The second round of the application process includes a face-to-face interview and screening.


If you believe that you’re qualified to adopt, you can send an email with answers to the questionnaire to derricktan@vfa.org.sg.

As stated in the post, emails without an introduction will not be entertained.

Although Shiba Inus are adorable, VFA hopes that potential applicants will keep in mind that adopting one is a lifetime commitment.


Hope they end up in loving homes

Our Shiba Inu obsession has been fueled by charming Shiba Inu toast and Shiba Inu macarons. However, gushing on cute merchandise is completely different from raising a dog yourself.

You’ll have to set aside time and money to keep them satisfied and in good health. As they get older, they may experience medical conditions and require trips to the vet.

Hence, make sure that you’ve weighed all these considerations before expressing your interest in adopting a pet.

That said, we hope that these Shiba Inus will end up in a loving home.

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