Be A Kid Again At SuperPark, A Brand New Indoor Super Playground

SuperPark Is Great For Kids And Adults

Come November, you’ll have chance to be a kid again because SuperPark is coming to town. 

There’s a host of activities to look forward to at this new indoor super playground. Whether you’re into basketball, baseball or gymnastics, there’s something for everyone.

The playground will be at City Hall, although the exact location hasn’t been confirmed. And at 40,000 square feet, it’s only slightly smaller than a soccer field.

Day passes to SuperPark are tentatively priced between $18 and $40. Here’s what you can look forward to at its 3 themed zones:


1. Unleash your inner child

Remember when you were young and ah ma kept telling you to stop acting like a monkey because you jumped around and climbed everything?

Well, now you can unleash your inner “monkey” at the Adventure Area at SuperPark. There’s everything a kid could wish for–obstacle walls, trampolines, zip wires, slides, play towers and racing tracks. 


Go wild, we won’t tell mom.

2. Settle playground scores

Still arguing over who’s the better sportsman? Don’t need to argue when you’re at SuperPark’s Game Arena.

Here, you can compete in everything from basketball to baseball and settle childhood scores.


Trouble keeping score? Don’t worry–radar and other digital systems do that for you.


3. Live your Olympic dream

Always wanted to be an Olympic medallist like Joseph Schooling but lacked the talent? Now you can try your hand at gymnastics–or discover your child’s hidden potential for the sport.

SuperPark’s Freestyle Hall includes a parkour course and gymnastics floor, as well as trampolines and foam pits.

Best part is, you don’t need to be a pro to try it out! Experienced staff–many of whom are recognised coaches–will man the park and help users.

We can’t wait

SuperPark is famous for its family-centered approach to having fun. The company was founded by Finnish businessman Taneli Sutinen, who wanted to create an activity park where both children and adults could play side-by-side.

The first SuperPark opened in Finland in 2012. Singapore is the 2nd country in Asia to have its own SuperPark.

Malaysia will be the 3rd when the KL SuperPark opens in December.

We can’t wait to be big kids again!

Featured image from SuperPark.

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