Wife Gets Tired Of Cleaning Up After Husband, Starts Insta Account Dedicated To His Trash

Tired Wife Starts Insta Account Dedicated To Husband’s Mess

How do you survive a messy husband?

A wife lightheartedly vents her frustrations in an Instagram account – @gomi_sutero ⁠- which literally translates to “throw your trash away”. Her profile has already amassed more than 197,000 followers.

She uploads pictures of trash that her family leaves around the house. The rants are satirical like this post about her “eternal toilet paper problems” at home.


We’ve heard of the Konmari method, but what happens when your messy family doesn’t spark joy? Here’s a look at her trash woes, which are relatable AF for mums.

Tired wife has a secret online identity

The anonymous wife’s account is dedicated to things that her husband messed up.

She writes in the bio,

Marital relationship is good. Until the day when my husband can discard the tissue,
this account will continue…

While we’d like to see him react to her posts, it seems that the lady has not revealed her online identity to her husband.


She tells her followers,

Please don’t tell this account to any 180 Centimeter tall men near you! Honey, if you’ve found this, please forgive me!

The wife uses the hashtag #Fukuokamama which indicates that she may live in Fukuoka — a region in southern Japan. Fans who want to travel in the region should refrain from spreading the word about her social media identity.

Messy habits

A lasting marriage involves picking your battles.

The wife has opted to silently endure her husband’s habit of leaving his socks lying on the floor. She tells in the caption, “Unroll them right now! Then put them in the washer.”


The wife remains exasperated once her husband scattered his contact lenses and says, “Don’t take your contacts out here!”


Her husband’s messy habit has sarcastically ticked off her patience. A photo with the word “Curse” was uploaded, as she found his towel left on the sofa.


Tissue paper woes

It’s common practice to replace the tissue paper once the roll is empty. However, her husband just placed the old roll on top of its replacement.

She wrote, “Were you trying to change the roll? Just throw it away!”


The toilet paper saga continued with a photo of tissue papers haphazardly thrown to the bin.


She expressed sympathy for her neck because she’s the only one who replaces tissues in the household. Her ingenious solution was to stack several rolls on the side of their bathroom.

tired wife 5Source

The replacement roll might be an arm’s reach. Unfortunately, the old roll was left lying around like almost everything in their house.

tired wife 4Source

Baby provides comfort

Old habits die hard.

The tired wife accepts that her husband might never change but at least their baby girl is adorable.

tired wife 3Source

She enjoys a happy marriage in spite of the frequent mess. On one occasion, she expressed her happiness upon receiving a Daniel Wellington watch.

tired wife 2Source

Her baby is even fond of the bags she receives from her husband.

tired wife 1Source

Here’s to hoping that she won’t grow up to be as messy as her father.

Cleaning up with the fam

The tired wife’s rants are super relatable for those living with family members that have messy habits.

Her Instagram posts remind us to keep our rooms clean and make our mums happy. You never know if your mess is already viral on the Internet.

Do some members of your family have messy habits? Let us know in the comments below.

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