Burger King Taiwan Serves Coriander Burger & Sundaes That Could Make You A Little Green

Burger King Taiwan Serves Peanut Coriander Burger & Sundaes For A Limited Time

Despite being one of the most contentious ingredients, coriander has made its way into desserts like bubble tea, ice cream, and cake. The bizarre incorporations apparently aren’t stopping there, with Burger King (BK) Taiwan now adding the herb to beef burgers and sundaes.

The rare menu items are available for a limited time in June until stocks run out.

Whether you love coriander or loathe it, you can’t deny that these creations have piqued your curiosity.

Burger King launches coriander burgers

Most burgers are served with lettuce, and at first glance, you may think that this dish is the same. Once you take a bite, however, you might turn a little green.

coriander burger

Source: @52_foodie on Instagram

BK Taiwan has launched a Grilled Beef Burger with Peanut and Coriander that gives the western dish an authentic Taiwanese twist.

coriander burger 1

Source: @52_foodie on Instagram

Lift the top bun and you’ll find lots of coriander mixed with granulated peanut sugar powder. It’s almost like satay with a healthy dose of leafy greens.

coriander burger 2

Source: @52_foodie on Instagram

Food blogger @52_foodie describes the taste of the charcoal-grilled burger as “sweet and salty”, a fusion of flavours that might either delight your tastebuds or confuse them. Either way, we think it’s worth giving the burger a shot just to find out.

Finish meals with coriander sundae as your dessert

No fast-food meal is complete without dessert, so BK Taiwan is whipping up cilantro sundaes that promise a joltingly refreshing hit.

The vanilla sundae is sprinkled with old-fashioned peanut powder sugar and bits of coriander to enhance the flavour.

Source: @foodiee_diaryy on Instagram

With the amount of greens in this dessert, you won’t feel too guilty about indulging in the sweet treat since it can pass off as a ‘balanced’ meal.

Source: @foodiee_diaryy on Instagram

Perhaps this could be a good trick for parents to trick the kiddos into eating some greens too.

Source: @foodiee_diaryy on Instagram

A meal that will challenge your tastebuds

As of now, BK’s coriander burgers and sundaes are available for a limited time in Taiwan only. They are priced at S$5.10 (NT$ 109) and S$2.29 (NT $49), respectively.

It’s not the first time we’ve found coriander sprinkled in desserts and fast food. Yet, every new combination never ceases to surprise us all.

Would you give BK’s coriander burger and ice cream a try? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image courtesy of Super Taste Taiwan

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