WP Will Re-File Motion On Criminal Justice In November

Ms Parti Liyani, an ex-domestic helper, being acquitted of theft hogged headlines over the last 2 months.

Courts Drop Ex-Helper’s 5th & Final Charge, Now Her Name Is Cleared

With public outcry seeking an investigation into the case, Workers’ Party (WP) chairman Sylvia Lim filed an Adjournment Motion (AM) to debate on “enhancing equity in criminal justice”.


However, MP Louis Ng’s AM was picked from the ballot instead, with Ms Lim missing out on the chance to speak about her topic.

On Friday (2 Oct), WP released a statement saying they’ll re-file the motion in November after Law Minister K Shanmugam’s Ministerial Statement.


WP will file motion after Minister Shanmugam’s statement

According to WP’s post, internal reviews by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and the police will only conclude in November.

WP also shared that Minister Shanmugam will be making his Ministerial Statement on the case after the investigations are complete.


Given that Parliament’s time is precious, Ms Lim will not be filing any further motions on the matter until the Ministerial Statement is issued.

Lapses in criminal justice system are the large issue

However, the statement did not end there. It added that while Ms Liyani’s case is the topic, the overarching issue is about the lapses in our criminal justice system.


This includes the avenues by which issues within the system are identified and resolved.

Strong interest in case might work to our favour

WP, however, states that the strong interest in the case might work to Singapore’s advantage.

In particular, this enables us to critically debate the subject at hand of how “the poor and disadvantage can adequately navigate the criminal justice system”.


The party ended the statement saying that its goal is to improve the justice system so that it is fair for all.

Looking forward to improving our justice system

With thorough investigations still undergoing, we hope the lapses and shortcomings in the criminal justice system will be found and resolved.

We look forward to the findings from AGC’s internal reviews, and the public debate in November on how the justice system can be enhanced for all.

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